Quando gli opposti si incontrano.
Developed forDélifrance
Production DirectorSalvatore Urso
DOPFilippo Valluzzi
PhotographerRiccardo Alessio
Production ManagerAnna Zuliani
Senior Art DirectorVeronica Scalia
Art DirectorIrene Cacciatori
Camera Operator AssistantMatteo Bonavolta
ColoristMauro Castrogiovanni
Make Up & Hair StylistJessica Alì Mua
Mix AudioRamiro Cordero
ActorsGuido Laurjni, Matteo Cunsolo
Thanks toLa Panetteria di Parabiago & Carla del Panificio Giussani di Legnano

Commercial Video

When opposites meet.

Délifrance presents Panitaly, a new brand dedicated to baking. The combination of tradition and modernity is its philosophy and is told through the parallel lives of two characters: the baker who relies on the perfection of technology and the artisan who puts into practice the “secrets” that have been handed down to him. Panitaly evolves technically, but produces slowly, because it takes up the typical recipes of the Italian tradition, respecting all the phases that give the product the desired quality.


As good as bread.


Oven sweet oven.

The talents featured in the video are a young baking teacher and a more mature actor. In the weeks preceding the shooting, the actor was assisted by the teacher to learn the typical gestures of the traditional baking methods. The scenographies were built from scratch by our crew, to represent a modern bakery and the interior of an old farmhouse.


by Riccardo Alessio