Our GlamBOT debuts at David di Donatello’s red carpet

On May 3rd, the legendary Cinecittà Studios hosted the 69th edition of the David di Donatello Awards, and our team captured the celebrities’ looks on the red carpet alongside Elle Magazine, not with the usual photoshoot. For the first time, the prestigious event was filled with a touch of Hollywood thanks to our GlamBOT, a […]

The Ferragnez Series: The Premiere Event

Nowadays every event is documented in real time and it is essential to be on the track and be able to report what happens quickly and qualitatively flawlessly. This is why on December 2nd we went to the launch of “The Ferragnez”, the docu-reality about Chiara Ferragni and Fedez by Amazon Prime Video. The Whatever […]

LG new vacuum cleaners: no bounds

For the launch of the new LG cordless vacuum cleaners, LG CordZero, we have created an offline and online campaign that highlights their performances: maximum suction power, suitability and deep cleaning. Headline: The cordless vacuum cleaner that knows no bounds.Body copy: Choose the super power of CordZero, the long-lasting vacuum cleaner that captures even the […]

Alessia Marcuzzi presents the new LaPinella

To present the restyling of her blog, “La Pinella”, Alessia Marcuzzi chose… Whatever. The launch video, shot last February by our crew between Rome and Milan, features Marcuzzi and a group of specialists in various sectors (nutritionist, gynecologist, dermatologist, yoga trainer, make-up artist, stylist and editor in chief). A real A-Team, ready to share advice with […]

Sanremo 2020: Brands on display with Whatever.

A National Temporary Radio Station to make celebrities meet our partners. Sanremo. The staff of Whatever, led by Giulia Rigoli, has created a Temporary Radio Station in collaboration with the national broadcaster Radio Lattemiele: an opportunity to interview the artists present at the Sanremo Music Festival 2020, but above all to develop product placement activities during […]

Rai 1: Whatever is on air

Whatever launches the first “Suprema” TV commercial. Whatever created the launch TV commercial of “Suprema”, the new top quality tissue brand by EuroVast. It is on air on Rai 1, during the Sanremo Music Festival 2020. The film tells the daily life of a family: mom, dad, their little girl and a stuffed polar bear. It […]