Whatever is not just a word, it’s our soul. We are used to any request and we know how to deliver.

Integrated campaigns, photshootings, videos, creative concepts, digital and social ideas, a radio ad, a brand image refresh, a brochure. You name it.

We are ready, we have all the tools to do anything. And it won’t be “whatever”.


The experience we gained in the field allows us to respond to your needs, on any type of media. We put creativity at the service of our clients, ensuring a high level execution, also cooperating with renowed professionals. If you want to fly high, we are ready to take off with you.

Production Services

Shooting. Filming. Editing. We do it.
We have an internal production company that allows us to create contents without leaning on others. It is part of our fluid philosophy, an example of the versatility that distinguishes us. Furthermore, these skills ensure us to move from the creative idea to the final product without an excessive number of intermediate phases.

Events Production

Let's meet your audience where it is.
In a digital world, we believe that local activities are still fundamental. The physical proximity to the consumer remains an essential experience. In addition, the single event finds its best sounding board in social networks. It's a win-win situation. And who doesn't like to score?

Meet Whatever Crew

We are lovers, we are warriors.
  • Salvatore Urso
  • Alessia Dones
  • Irene Cacciatori
  • Yvan Christian Manganaro
  • Valentina Genovese
  • Claudio Saracino
  • Valentina Franchitti
  • Gaetano Vrenna


We are partners of Italian's best events

Sanremo Music Festival

Every year Whatever joins the most important Italian song festival, Sanremo, with a temporary radio station. We interview numerous singers and celebrities: an unmissable product placement opportunity for any brand.

Porsche Carrera Cup

The exclusive championship in which Whatever offers visibility to sponsors and partners on the liveries of the racing cars. The event is broadcast live on TV. Our agency also organizes activities dedicated to brands, divided into 7 stages throughout Italy.

Venice Film Festival

We host international celebrities and production companies, offering them a location for press activities and collateral events. Our Cinema Lounge is designed to give visibility to brands by producing contents to be spread nationally and internationally.

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