Sanremo 2020: Brands on display with Whatever.

A National Temporary Radio Station to make celebrities meet our partners.

Sanremo. The staff of Whatever, led by Giulia Rigoli, has created a Temporary Radio Station in collaboration with the national broadcaster Radio Lattemiele: an opportunity to interview the artists present at the Sanremo Music Festival 2020, but above all to develop product placement activities during the most important showcase in the Italian entertainment.

For “Suprema”, top-of-the-range of the EuroVast group – manufacturer and marketer of sanitary tissue products -, the artists have autographed several stuffed polar bears, the brand mascot. The plush animals will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to ENPA, the National Animal Protection Agency.

San Benedetto has quenched the thirst of our celebrities with “Ecogreen”, the line of mineral water in 100% recyclable plastic bottles, created to reduce the environmental impact.

Waiting for Valentine’s Day, Polaroid Eyewear gifted the singers with limited edition pink heart-shaped glasses, the symbol par excellence of the most beautiful feeling.

During the interviews Oro Caffè offered a burst of energy to everyone, but strictly in paper cups (long live sustainability!).

Finally, Brow Studio Milano took the opportunity to launch an initiative in collaboration with LILT, the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer: every month a woman on chemotherapy can undergo for free a microblading session. Microblading is an aesthetic technique that allows people to thicken their eyebrows to make them more full-bodied and voluminous.

When art, entertainment, marketing and good people come together, the results can be truly amazing.

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