The 5 must-see according to Whatever
Milan Design Week 2019 opens, as usual, in great style and the experiences to be done are potentially infinite. To orient you in this stylish metropolitan jungle we want to give you some suggestions. Here is what, in our opinion, you cannot absolutely miss.
1. Google rooms. A Space for Being, Spazio Maiocchi, Porta Venezia. Multiple environments to explore how much the different aesthetic experiences have a high impact potential on our biology and well-being.
2. The installation by Marco Balich. AQUA. Leonardo’s vision, via San Marco, Conca dell’Incoronata. An opportunity to walk underwater in a real room of wonders.
3. Freitag and the reflection on “bad design”. Unfluencer – De-sinning the Designer, former Magazzini Raccordati of the Central Station. An immersive path of films and lights designed by the Swiss video artist Georg Lendorff.
4. Lights and emotions with Lexus. Leading with Light, Superstudio Più (Artpoint), Via Tortona 27. The Japanese design studio Rhizomatiks has created an immersive display that provides a dynamic light show and advanced robotic systems.
5. Unexpected perspectives with Alex Chinneck. IQOS World Revealed, Opificio 31, via Tortona. The facade of the building opens through a zip, an expedient through which the artist gives rise to a series of surreal slits, transporting the visitor in a new and engaging experience.

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